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Steve Bryan, founder of Desert Luxury Concierge, knows the importance and value placed on delivering outstanding client service. As a homeowner and as someone who has spent time away from home, working and traveling, he understands the significance of entrusting your primary asset to others for its maintenance and security.


Steve is a former senior level department store executive who quickly rose through the ranks of Macy’s and Robinson’s-May Department Stores. He was a Regional Vice President of Stores at Robinson’s-May for the last 14 years of his retail career that encompassed managing 15 stores throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas. He was responsible for managing the sales and operations of over 2 million square feet of commercial retail space, several hundred million dollars of merchandise inventory, and the sales and customer service performance of 3,000 associates and 250 executives.


He knows the value of finding reliable, smart, trustworthy service providers and partners. He is experienced in leading a team through motivation, clear and effective communication, delegation, and follow through. He recognizes that client expectations need to be met, if not exceeded.


Steve appreciates that as part-time resident homeowners, his clients want to enjoy their homes, not work on their homes. His high regard for service value and the pride of home ownership in conjunction with his penchant for interior and landscape design, prompted him to start Desert Luxury Concierge, an opportunity to provide that perfect getaway for guests enjoying the many amenities of the desert.


Steve has a BA and an MBA from Ohio State University and is a full time resident of Palm Springs. Desert Luxury Concierge is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company.

“No one will take better care of your home than Desert Luxury Concierge.”


- Steve Bryan


Tel: (442) 400-9541

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