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"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you—and your staff—for taking such good care of our home when we travel. It gives us such great peace of mind knowing that we don’t have to worry about the mail, newspapers, or anything else. Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze us. We wonder how we ever survived without you!"


   - Sandy E. and Scott K., Palm Springs, CA


"Steve has been extremely helpful and instrumental in helping plan, organize, and implement a major remodel of my home in Palm Springs. From day one, he was able to analyze the scope of work, project timelines, design considerations, as well as provide references of local trades-men, while coordinating cost efficiency and quality. Steve’s talent lies in his ability to coordinate resources and implement a high level of service, all while remaining personal and respectful to individual needs."


   - Pjetur S., Los Angeles, CA


"Steve has been managing our property, an architecturally significant home, for several months now. He is proactive, visiting the properly regularly and ensuring that all systems are in working order. While not in the scope of his routine service, his background in merchandising also enables him to add value aesthetically—he has in-depth knowledge of plants and landscape that any homeowner will appreciate. Steve’s record keeping is impeccable—he is highly organized, keeping track of all expenses, documenting his work, as well as any trades he brings to our home. He is also very responsive; he comes when called, follows up quickly, and gets things done."


   - Shelley F., Beverly Hills, CA


"I know what it’s like to have to trust and rely on someone to maintain my personal space and have the job done to my very specific standards. It has also been important to find someone who will take the initiative needed to keep the homes in great condition without waiting for my input. I have no doubt that Steve would keep your home in pristine condition."


   - Emily S., San Francisco, CA


"My only challenge with Steve is KEEPING UP WITH HIM! He works at a pace that is twice as fast than anyone else I have ever had the honor to work with. And, in that pace, he leaves no “stone unturned.” Steve’s passion for interior design, gardening, housekeeping (as he did in countless department stores) is unparalleled."


   - Hope B., Scottsdale, AZ


"Steve has nurtured and developed a team of people who meet his standard of excellence and has set himself up for incredible success in handling just about any request a homeowner could ask for."


   - Will C., Palm Springs, CA


"Steve is principled, exacting and holds himself and his team to the highest standards. He always expects the very best of people."


   - Carolyn D., New York, NY


"Steve’s enthusiasm for his work is most likely the first thing one notices about him. I have observed that he does not shy away from tackling any task no matter how extensive or how complicated. He has a keen eye for aesthetics and detail and can turn the most lackluster house, room, or garden into a showplace. His standards are very high but they don’t come at the cost of inflexibility. He listens carefully and is open to the ideas of others."


   - Robert D., Cincinnati, OH


"He is a guy who thinks on his feet and can always find the solution. He will ask you all the right questions and care for your property as if it were his own. He will handle even the smallest details that make coming home a wonderful joy."


   -Wayne J., Los Angeles, CA


"I admire him for his logical mind, compassion and integrity. I have no doubt these qualities combined with his laser focus, work ethic, and attention to the smallest details will provide the highest standards of caring for your property and needs."


   -Rick D., New York, NY



Tel: (442) 400-9541

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