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Business Practices

Weekly home inspections are done Monday through Friday as determined by the client. The majority of homeowners want their homes free from weekend service providers while they enjoy life in the desert without interruption.


We are a PROACTIVE company. Should an item or system not function properly, an attempt will be made to repair it immediately. We will seek your input if requested or if expenses beyond existing cash reserves are incurred.


All efforts will be made for economic and time efficiency whenever possible. For example, if a home inspection is normally scheduled for Tuesday and a service provider needs to be there on Thursday, we will try to coordinate the schedules to avoid duplicate billing of concierge service hours.


A cash reserve account is set up for all clients in need of any shopping, handy man or other provider services. These amounts start at $250, average $500 and have been as high as $2,500, depending on clients’ personal needs. A detailed statement of credits and debits (and receipts) and final cash reserve is provided at the end of each month for the client to replenish accordingly. For the privacy and protection of our clients, we do not utilize charge cards. Checks, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal work extremely well.


A monthly invoice will be generated for the monthly home inspection fees and any other time utilized in providing services. Payment for this is not taken from the cash reserve account. It is handled separately and requires a separate payment.


We have an extensive list of service providers in almost every conceivable home service category. We DO NOT accept kickbacks or commissions from these providers. We utilize the best people available and pass that knowledge on to you to ensure the highest level of work and integrity. We are also very happy to utilize service providers with whom you have already established a good working relationship.


Services are available to homeowners in Palm Springs.


Desert Luxury Concierge is licensed, bonded and insured.


Tel: (442) 400-9541

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